Friday, July 01, 2005

Bringing a car up from USA to Canada

Yesterdays adventure started at 4:15 AM so we could get the 6:00 AM boat to Vancouver. The objective : to pick up parts from Belkirk Mustang for Steves 1964 Convertible and pick up the 1952 MGTD i had bought.The US Customs Vehicle Export Office closes at 4:00 so one must be at the office by that time. Needless to say the early rising wasnt fun but we made it to Belkirk Mustang at around 10:30 expecting to roll in, pick up the parts we needed and go (as Steve had faxed his order in 3 days previous with instructions to have the order ready as we were in a hurry) of course it wasnt ready and we hung around until 11:45 while they gathered everything up ( they did have lots of parts in stock and at very reasonable prices as well). Then off we went to pick up the TD, all went well, loaded up the car ,test drove a 1968 Roadrunner with a 440 , wow. Looked at some other cars and off we went to the border...Ahhh made it with 15 minutes to spare, stampy stamp we were off to the Canadian Customs. Steve was done in 15 Minutes paid GST and PST on his parts and was all finished , meanwhile I was there for 2 and a half hours trying to get my paper work done. I learned 2 things then one Customs people and customs brokers employees done like each other , and two it is best to have the paperwork done ahead of time otherwise it is a looooong wait. Oh, but wait there is more, ferries crashing into marinas and long weekend combined into a 5 hour wait at the ferry terminal until the 12:00 am boat which got me home at 2:30 AM all in all a 22 hour day. And people think that buying and selling British cars is easy! But props for BC Ferries for adding extra sailings and for the new terminal in Vancouver , it is nice and has much better food facilities than before.