Thursday, May 12, 2005

Spring has sprung!

And the smell of winter stored vinatge cars is in the air. Everyone is changing fluids, checking brakes and doing thorough inspections to their favorite "second" car. Or like me you sit in it after not even looking at it all winter, turn and the key and hope the battery has enough charge to fire it up, and without a second thought roar off at top speed! I have perhaps been a little hasty in my original posting of the lack of Motorsports activity in Victoria, I attended a MG Club Slalom recently and had a great time (didnt drive but watched) everyone was pushing their cars to the limit and having great fun doing it. I look forward to attending a Porsche or Victoria Motorsports Club event soon and i am sure they will be just as if I can just finish putting the rear sway bar on the TR4....


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