Sunday, February 06, 2005

Lack Of Motorsports in Victoria

Welcome to my Blog! I created this to initiate discussion on all types of Motorports/Performance and Collector cars in Victoria B.C , Canada. My bigget complaint is the lack of Motorsports in Victoria! i was very disapointed in the demise of the proposed facility in Cowichan, as I think it would have brought lots of people and revenue dollars to the South Island region . As well as providing a safe controlled enviroment for all motorsports activites in Victoria.and Yes I do attend Western Speedway, I am a driver of a 1993 Honda Civic in the Ministock division, which is huge fun and a good start to racing.But i think that there should be more Slaloms and even drifting could easily be a venture to consider at western as well.Is it a lack of interest? is it a demographic?I am interested to hear..


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